Welcome to the club – 2024 edition

Hi folks, here’s an introduction to the club and how we do things.


We’re doing our part to help.. We’ve held our registration prices same as last year despite increasing costs.
And we’re reintroducing sibling discounts.. if you’ve got 2 kids in the club, you’ll get $25 off the 2nd. If you’re got 3, then it’s $50 off for the third child and each sibling after that.
We make sure when you pay registration, you get the whole kit and caboodle, we give you all the team kit. you just need to bring your boots and shin-pads. All our Miniroos get a soccer ball and this year we’re providing a Soccer ball to youth players as well.
We’re proud of our Canteen too, we have the lowest prices in the whole association, but still serve the highest quality food we can and strive to meet the dietary needs of our many club members.

About the club & game format:

4 groups:
Miniroo’s 4-11, Youth 12-17, Seniors 18+, Women’s Youth

Special groups, age four (under5s)
Focussed on introducing the game – no competitive games, will only play for experience against other Toongabbie U5s.

Miniroos 4-11
Development of skills – fair competitive games against other teams in the Granville Soccer Association.

Youth 12-17
Focus on competitive play – playing across several divisions against other teams in the Granville Soccer Association.

Seniors 18+
Focusing on Club Football – playing top grade soccer against other teams in the Granville Soccer Association.

Women’s Youth
Off the back of the women’s world cup, we’re growing our women’s youth to offer teams in every age-group.
Playing in the Phoenix League, against teams from Granville and Blacktown Associations.

The Season Calendar:

The gist of it is, we spend Feb & March forming our teams and preparing for the season.
Then from April to August we train during the week and play soccer on the weekends.
If we’ve had a good year, we’ll have teams in finals across August & Sept.
Then we celebrate, wrap up and pack up for the season with out end of season presentations!
But there’s a bit more in the detail, and it can be subject to change, so for the latest details, please check the website.
The details for this season are here – https://toongabbiedemons.com.au/2024-season-calendar/

Comms for teams:

WhatsApp: Team groups – once we’ve formed teams, you’ll be invited by your coach or manager to a chat with all the parents/player from your team so you can coordinate you game day activities.

Comms from the club:

WhatsApp: Coaches chat – the club keeps your coaches informed via the coaches WhatsApp throughout the year, and they pass your questions and concerns back to us on the same WhatsApp. This ensures transparency across all the teams to what’s happening in the club.

Getting in touch:

Contact us via Google: If you search for Toongabbie demons soccer on google, you’ll find our business profile and can ask questions directly to us.
You can Contact us via Facebook and Facebook messenger: https://www.facebook.com/toongabbiedemons – send us a question and we’ll respond directly.

Socials for the club:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toongabbiedemons
We keep it simple, we post everything during the season to Facebook.. it’s where all the updates are – so follow us, and check in when you want to know what’s happening through the season.

Anything else you’ll need more than once through the year:

Website: https://toongabbiedemons.com.au/
If you need info about the club, the competition, coaching, anything else, it will he here.. and if it’s not, let us know and we’ll add it!

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