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We’ve been thinking about how to support our Coaches and Managers – and are trying a new approach to our existing training manuals. Have a look at this example of an online training plan.

Week 1

Warm Up, Ball Skills, Simple games
Active Time45 minutes
Keyword: week 1


  • 1 Training Ball per child
  • Warm-up & Skills: 15m x 15m Square using markers
  • Game #1: 7m x 7m Square using markers, with 5m x 5m Square inside
  • Game #2: 20m x 20m square and put a ball on 2 of the markers on opposite sides to each other.


Warm Up:

  • Set up a square about 15m x 15m using markers.
  • Without a ball, have children running around in it, changing direction.
  • Run around bringing knees up to chest.
  • Run around bringing feet up behind.
  • Side steps within the square.
  • Dribble with the ball, changing direction and keep head up.
  • Give children a chance to do some tricks with the ball whilst dribbling.
  • Encourage them to use their imagination.

Ball Mastery Skills:

  • Use the 15m x 15m square set up above for the following three activities.

Drop, kick, catch

  • Aim to have the kids master this skill by doing one drop, kick, catch at a time. Then aim for two, then three etc.
  • When they can do it 5 times in a row, do the same process, but use the knee rather than their foot.

Toe Taps

  • Start kids doing toe taps in one spot. Coach then walks around and team follows.
  • This teaches the kids to not look at the ball, but rather to keep their head up and control the ball.


  • Start kids dribbling with a ball in any direction. Then the coach yells out a body part (head, knee, foot, chest) and the kids need to stop the ball with that part of the body.


  • Set up two lines of markers 5m apart. Put kids into pairs.
  • Put 1 child on each marker and give each pair a ball.
  • They pass the ball to each other. Encourage them to use inside of foot, not toe.
  • One of the partners then stands with their lags apart, and the other partner aims to pass the ball through their legs.
  • Set markers 10m apart and repeat.


    Game 1:

    • Set up a 7m x 7m square, then an internal square of 5m x 5m using different coloured markers. Put a ball at each internal marker and in the centre of the smaller square.
    • Split the group into 4, and put each group on a corner of the outer square.
    • The first child of each group moves to the inner square to start the game.
    • They all run around the square, without the ball.
    • When they get back to their corner they try to kick the ball out of the middle of the square, using the ball at their marker.
    • After each child has had a turn, try running in the opposite direction.

    Game 2:

    • 1v1 (1 attacker and 1 defender). Down the track it can be used as a 2v1.
    • Set up a 20m x 20m square and put a ball on 2 of the markers on opposite sides to each other.
    • Split kids into 2 groups and put them on opposite sides of the square.
    • The coach rolls a ball into the middle, and the first child on each side runs in to try and win the ball.
    • That child then attempts a ball mastery skill to try and hit the ball off the marker with the ball that they have just won.
    • Continue till all kids have had a couple of turns.

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