How to get involved

How to get involved

Soccer is a community sport, and YOU are the lifeblood of our club.
Generations of kids have grown up in Australia admiring their parents as they volunteer to support their club as they grow from soccer mad kids kicking their first ball, to fit and health adults with a love of sport and confidence in their bodies.

You may want to help, but you’re not sure how, and let’s be honest Coaching isn’t for everyone.

But, since your here to support your child’s club, let see how you can help

Matchday roles

There’s a lot of things need doing on a match day to keep everything ticking over smoothly.

  • Pitch set-up: our volunteers turn up early at 6am to set up the pitches for the match day, marking out the lines, cleaning up the rubbish, positioning portable goals, temporary pitch marking, putting up nets. If you live close and don’t mind getting up early – this is a great excuse to get out of the house and help the club.
  • Pack away: after the game while coach and manager are reviewing the game with the team, help collect and pack away the equipment and kit – some items need to be put in the club storeroom, others need to be reorganised for the next team on the pitch.
  • Results recording: every match result needs to be recorded in the Association match app.
  • Timekeeping: our small side games are run by match leaders, they may need someone to keep time.
  • Substitutes: want to make sure everyone gets a fair go, support your coach and manager by organising substitutes and making sure they make it on and off the pitch safely.
  • Referee: We’ll often ask people to referee our junior games, it makes the game safer and more fun for the kids. Don’t worry if you’re not confident, coaches and parents are there to support and mentor you.
  • Washing jerseys: As a club, we like our match day gear to stay together, we recommend that you share the job for a different parent each week to take all the jerseys and make sure they’re clean, dry and available for the next game. Clean kit, makes us proud to play in the Toongabbie colours!
  • Spectator/grounds warden: Sometimes spectators can get a bit disorientated, and they may need a friendly face to remind them what the expectations are. We provide every team a yellow warden bid so that everyone knows that you’re looking after them and the players. Our wardens are always respectful, because respect demands respect!
  • Canteen Cashier / BBQ / Cook or food prep – we’re always looking for some help in the canteen. Once or twice a season, your team will be asked to provide volunteers for 1-2 hours to help in the canteen. If you’ve used the canteen, you’ll know what a lifesaver it can be when you’ve got lots of hangry kids to deal with.
  • Messaging runner: Sometimes there might be missing equipment or a double booked pitch or some other issue that needs a message sent to fix.. put your hand up and help out.. run a message, grab an ice pack.. whatever is needed so your coach and manager can concentrate on keeping the match running and the kids safe!
  • Kid Wrangler: We can’t leave little brothers or sisters at home, and often they don’t understand the safety rules around the pitches… help yourself and the other parents by taking turns to take little ones to the park if there’s one on site, or playing games or even soccer away from the match pitch… knowing someone’s looking after the kids, let’s everyone enjoy the game and keep everyone safe!
  • TaxiDad/TaxiMum: Got 3 kids, playing at 3 different clubs and only 1 car? Be a champion and help your other parents in the club out. Offer a lift where you can, and often your generosity will be repaid when you need it!

Club & Committee roles

We’re always on the lookout for motivated & engaged individuals to help us run the club.. we have a number of formal Committee positions required to keep the club operational. But, we also have many other informal roles available for anyone who’s available. Nearly any skill could be useful here..

  • Advertising and Media creation
  • Sponsor liaison
  • Medal-ware and awards
  • Fundraising and Celebration events organisers
  • Website maintainers
  • Accounting
  • Canteen & Stock management
  • Cleaning and equipment maintenance
  • Painting, Electrical, Plumbing
  • Council liason
  • Junior committee member

We can make use of nearly any skill.. maybe you’re a great negotiator or a wizz on the computer.. if you want to help.. just reach out to one of our club committee, or coaches and we’ll be very happy for your help.