Training plans

We’ve been thinking about how to support our Coaches and Managers – and are trying a new approach to our existing training manuals. Have a look at this example of an online training plan.

Week 1

Warm Up, Ball Skills, Simple games
Active Time45 mins
Keyword: week 1


  • 1 Training Ball per child
  • Warm-up & Skills: 15m x 15m Square using markers
  • Game #1: 7m x 7m Square using markers, with 5m x 5m Square inside
  • Game #2: 20m x 20m square and put a ball on 2 of the markers on opposite sides to each other.


Warm Up:

  • Set up a square about 15m x 15m using markers.
  • Without a ball, have children running around in it, changing direction.
  • Run around bringing knees up to chest.
  • Run around bringing feet up behind.
  • Side steps within the square.
  • Dribble with the ball, changing direction and keep head up.
  • Give children a chance to do some tricks with the ball whilst dribbling.
  • Encourage them to use their imagination.

Ball Mastery Skills:

  • Use the 15m x 15m square set up above for the following three activities.

Drop, kick, catch

  • Aim to have the kids master this skill by doing one drop, kick, catch at a time. Then aim for two, then three etc.
  • When they can do it 5 times in a row, do the same process, but use the knee rather than their foot.

Toe Taps

  • Start kids doing toe taps in one spot. Coach then walks around and team follows.
  • This teaches the kids to not look at the ball, but rather to keep their head up and control the ball.


  • Start kids dribbling with a ball in any direction. Then the coach yells out a body part (head, knee, foot, chest) and the kids need to stop the ball with that part of the body.


  • Set up two lines of markers 5m apart. Put kids into pairs.
  • Put 1 child on each marker and give each pair a ball.
  • They pass the ball to each other. Encourage them to use inside of foot, not toe.
  • One of the partners then stands with their lags apart, and the other partner aims to pass the ball through their legs.
  • Set markers 10m apart and repeat.


    Game 1:

    • Set up a 7m x 7m square, then an internal square of 5m x 5m using different coloured markers. Put a ball at each internal marker and in the centre of the smaller square.
    • Split the group into 4, and put each group on a corner of the outer square.
    • The first child of each group moves to the inner square to start the game.
    • They all run around the square, without the ball.
    • When they get back to their corner they try to kick the ball out of the middle of the square, using the ball at their marker.
    • After each child has had a turn, try running in the opposite direction.

    Game 2:

    • 1v1 (1 attacker and 1 defender). Down the track it can be used as a 2v1.
    • Set up a 20m x 20m square and put a ball on 2 of the markers on opposite sides to each other.
    • Split kids into 2 groups and put them on opposite sides of the square.
    • The coach rolls a ball into the middle, and the first child on each side runs in to try and win the ball.
    • That child then attempts a ball mastery skill to try and hit the ball off the marker with the ball that they have just won.
    • Continue till all kids have had a couple of turns.

    2021 Season cancelled

    It is with great regret that the Club Committee must announce that the 2021 winter soccer season has been cancelled.

    This decision has been made by GDSFA, our parent association, in line with the guidance from Football NSW and NSW Health, and in consultation with local councils throughout the association area.

    Understandably, this is disappointing, but is necessary at this time. The Committee and our Association will continue to work towards an orderly wrap-up of the season.

    As we endeavour to finish the season, we are committed to ensuring every player receives their player medals for this season, and will reach out to players and coaches as soon as we have a safe way to do so.

    Stay Safe.
    Yours in sport,
    Toongabbie Demons Junior Soccer club

    Lights on for exercise

    We may not be able play soccer.. but, Girraween Park is open for Covid Safe exercise!
    Lights are on ’till 9pm each night!

    So, go down for a run, a go on the swings or 1 hour of exercise with a partner.
    Adults don’t forget your masks and stay socially distanced!

    Find our what other parks in your local area are open late at ParraParents – ParraParents

    And, as our head coach would say, “please stay out of the goalmouth”!

    Toongabbie Sports presents:

    The Radiators – Sat 26 June

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    2022 Season details

    Timeline for 2022 soccer season.
    Jan: Registration for 2022 soccer season opens
    Feb: Grading, Team selection, Coach and Manger appointments
    Mar: Trials are scheduled for March.
    Mar: Team lists are released.
    Mar: Preseason training usually starts in March (depending on coach & teams)
    Apr: The game season is expected to start April ’22, with ~18 match days.
    Aug: The season grand finals are expected from August – September ’22.

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    Toongabbie Sports presents:

    One Hit Wonders – Fri 11 June

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    One Hit Wonders is a band that plays songs by other bands that had – One Hit!
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    Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes
    What I Like About You – The Romantics
    500 Miles – The Proclaimers

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    Toongabbie Sports presents:

    Lies N Destruction – Sat 29 May

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    The band covers material from all of the band’s albums, from the faultless debut album Appetite For Destruction with such classics as Sweet Child O Mine, Welcome To The Jungle and It’s So Easy, through to GN’R Lies with cult favourites, Patience, Reckless Life and Move To The City.
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    GDSFA Game Leader Training – Wed 26th May

    Do you love the game? Are you interested in learning how to lead a game as an official on the pitch.

    To create a better game day experience for miniroos, ensure consistent rules are being played, and add a more professional feel with an official in the center to our games… we invite you to enter the Referee pathway as a game leader for miniroo games.

    This is open to parents and players alike – understand the game better with training and experience leading a game.

    If you’re interested, follow the link below: