Which Field is which?

How old does my child need to be to play?
If your child is turning 5 this year, they are eligible to play.

What does my registration cover?
Your registration fees cover a number of things such as Insurance, registration fee to GDSFA, affiliation fees to FNSW & FFA, referee fees, ground hire, electricity for field lighting, shorts, socks, balls, training shirts, jackets and purchase of gear by the club (playing shirts, trophies, balls, etc).

What is grading?
Grading is carried out by a panel of committee members. Players are assessed on their overall football ability and information provided by the previous seasons coaches. Grading is usually in February/March every year. This allows us to create balanced teams, and offers a chance to discuss team selection with parents and players.

What night is training on?
The training night is coordinated by the coach of the team. The coach will need to consult with the team’s parents and the committee for ground availability. Most teams train one night a week, usually Tues/Wed/Thurs.
Times vary team to team (see below)- but available training hours are 5:00 – 8:00.
In winter we have pitch lighting to allow us to train after sunset.

When does the season begin?
The season usually begins in the first week of April and finishes in August/September depending if your team qualify for finals.

When are the games played
Match day for the Mixed & Mens games is normally Saturday. The younger kids play from 8:30 – up to all age mens in the afternoon. Different age groups have different rules, player numbers and match duration. Normally you need to be at the pitch 15 mins before kickoff for pre-match checks.

Are girls able to register to play football? (Of course they are!)
Our association has girls and women competitions which play on Sundays (and some Friday nights). If we do not have enough players for a female team available at our club, we can still offer access to mixed football competitions. All small side (miniroo) teams are Mixed team – ages 5 – 11.

As a parent, what do I need to do throughout the season?
The club is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers and your help throughout the season is vital to ensure the season runs smoothly. Throughout the season you have many opportunities to assist, for example; morning pitch set up, refereeing your child’s match, helping with the BBQ or canteen, after game pack up, washing jerseys, managing spectators, organising carpools, game manager, coaching, pitch warden, Covid warden, first aid / safety wardens, fundraising – or even a job on the committee!

I’ve been injured at training or in a game, what should I do next?
You will need to complete a personal injury claim form which is available from FNSW JLT Insurance using the button below.​ A director of the club will also need to sign your completed form before it is submitted.

Will my game still be on if it rains?
Your coach or manager will contact you to let you know if your game is off due to wet weather. If they do not contact you, then your game is ON. Ground closures can be checked using the below button.

How long do matches go for?
The duration of matches for each age division is shown below. All matches are to be of two (2) equal halves. INJURY/STOPPAGE TIME is only to be played in the last match of the day on that field.

Age Group / Minutes per half

  • Under 6’s and 7’s – 15 minutes
  • Under 8’s and 9’s – 20 minutes
  • Under 10 / 11 / 12’s – 25 minutes
  • Under 13’s & 14’s – 30 minutes
  • Under 15’s & 16’s – 35 minutes
  • Under 16 Girls – 35 minutes
  • Under 17’s – 40 minutes
  • Over 35’s / 45’s & Over 30’s Ladies – 40 minutes
  • Under 18’s – 45 minutes
  • Under 21’s / Seniors – 45 minutes
  • All Age Ladies – 45 minutes
  • Premier League – 45 minutes

What size ball should we be using?
In all competition matches the following ball sizes shall be used: (Age Group / Ball Size)

  • Under 6’s / 7’s / 8’s / 9’s – No. 3 ball : 22″-23″
  • Under 10’s / 11’s / 12’s / 13’s – No. 4 Ball : 25″-26″
  • All other grades – No. 5 Ball : 27″-28″