Coaching resources

If you’re developing your first coaching session, or looking to mix up your session with a few new exercises, these resources will give you the ideas you need.

Useful Websites

The Play Football site is the coaching development site of the FFA. Created by the enigmatic Oscar Gonzales, you can sign up for a weekly coaching newsletter which goes beyond training exercises to cover information on engaging and motivating your players to get the most from your team

Play football

If you’re looking for quick access to training exercises, the Play Football site has some great content, split into skill and capability appropriate phases;
Discovery, Skill Acquisition and Game Training.

Play Football

Club Resources

The Demons Training Manual, created by Brian and Kate to help coaches with consistent and effective training exercises.

Demons Training Manual by Brian & Kate

Dribl Knowledge Base

Game Rules (2023)

Miniroos – Ages 6-11 (Junior)

U12 – Seniors. (Youth – Adult)

Latest rules available at Football NSW

Get the IFAB APP for rules of the game

Official App of the IFAB access the laws of the game wherever you are

Granville Soccer Association’s Law-book

Coaches and Managers meeting Minutes

If you missed the coaches and managers meeting, or wanted to review the meeting slides again.. you can find them here.


Help for Dribl – here’s some helpful guides.

Dribl is our soccer match App – which provides game schedules to all parents, as well as game day management for coaches and managers.

Every coach should sign up using the same email as they registered with on PlayFootball.

Let’s Coach together.

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